Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Finally I only had the time to sand blast one of the parts. It's really amazing how easy and the results I can obtain with that machine. How can I have been so many years without a sand blasting machine? It´s not too big, but the size I wanted cost about twice. I think it could handle even a 10 inch Mini rim. Although my compressor has a small tank, the work was fast, I think it took me about 20 minutes to make it. The result is a nice metal part, with no corrosion or paint and a perfect surface that should give a good key for the primer.

I cleaned the surface with a rag and alcohol to remove any dirt or dust, as I didn't have any special liquid like the ones used in professional paint workshops. I sprayed two coats of primer, giving about 20 minutes between each coat. The primer I am using is made by dupli-color. As these kind of parts I'm painting them in the kitchen (shhh, dont tell my wife!), I'm unable to use a 2 pack epoxy primer. I really wish I had the space to do it, as that kind of primer is the best one I could ever use. But in my situation I needed to find a good primer on a spray can. The paint shop told me the dupli-color primer was the best one I could get. Also they told me that I always need to put the best primer I can get, and then I can use the same or a lower quality paint. But never a low quality primer + good quality paint as the paint will always tend to remove the primer. I will possibly buy the dupli-color sating black for the top coat of paint.

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