Thursday, 30 June 2011

First parcel and wire wheels

It's Christmas time!!!!  I love it, arriving home and finding such a huge parcel waiting for me! ja ja

It's my first order from Moss. It has all the parts to rebuild completely the braking system, the suspension, maintenance, and plenty of small parts to rebuild the car. There is also a stainless steel exhaust system. Sadly, there are some important parts such as front brake disks on back order, and I wont receive them until 2 weeks time more or less. That means that I have to wait until then to take the car to the mechanic.

Finally I decided to order a new brake master cylinder. Using the original one was too risky due to the poor state of the bore walls, and I really wanted to have the best braking system the car may have. I made several phone call to different providers, and found that Moss had the correct 3/4 bore master cylinder I needed (front drum cars will use 7/8 bore, and front brake disk cars will use 3/4 bore), at a very competitive pricer. And specially, as I still have some parts from my order in back order, they will send it to me at no extra shipping cost, great!

I also received the 4 wire wheels after sending them to professionally sand blast. The result is extraordinary! After sand blasting and removing all the paint and every trace of rust, they gave 2 coats of phosphate primer. The work was done by the company Kira Klaus in Burgos-Spain, which specializes in all kind of professional sand blasting (from small parts to industrial machinery). Their tel is 646768576 if someone is interested. Now I still have to sand the wheels with some 400 grit sand paper before painting them. I will be using a silver wheel paint made by DupliColor, which has a very good quality based on my readings in several international forums.

Original condition of two of the wire wheels

Wire wheels after sand blasting and phosphate primer

Looking forward to work this weekend, where hopefully I will do the following:

-use the grinder to remove all the paint and rust from the outside of the fuel tank plus painting using Por15

-sand and paint the 4 wheels

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