Monday, 27 June 2011

Master Cylinder overhaul

Most important thing for security and MOT test, is having a strong a perfect brake system. So I have ordered most of it's components new from Moss: hoses, slave cylinders, drums, pads, disks, etc.... except for the brake master cylinder, which is a little bit special, as it has a dual function actuating as brake and clutch system. This master cyl is very expensive item when new, about 250 eur, so I ordered a rebuild kit with all the rubber parts and seals. Yesterday I completely dismantled the cyl, and found plenty of an ugly and gummy brown brake fluid, which said nothing good about it's situation.

After cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning, I covered all the intakes with some painters tape so I could scratch the outer surface, to finally paint it with por-15.

And now comes the problem: after a close examination of the two bores, the internal surface is in a very poor situation, pitted and rusted. Therefore I am terribly worried about what to do. Inserting new rubber parts may solve the situation for some time, but I am sure that the poor state of the internal surface will finally damage again rubber parts finding my self with a broken master cylinder in a short period of time. Apart from that, my personal safety (and copilots safety) is priority, and I dont feel comfortable in this situation.

I have been gloogling a little bit and found a USA company called Sierra Specialty Automotive, that will re-bore and fit a new sleeve, thus making a complete new cylinder. After reading some blogs and personal pages, they have a very good reputation. Problem is cost, at nearly $200 is not cheap, and not only that, sending a master cyl to the States can cost up to 30-35 eur, and way back. Yes, shipping costs from Spain to the resto of the world is incredible expensive. It costs more to send a letter from Spain to Spain, than ordering a part from the UK to Spain.... So I need to make some numbers, and search for new ones if possible in Europe. First call in the morning tomorrow monday will be to Moss, and hopefully if they have not yet send my parcel, y can add a new cyl and combine shipping costs. That's of course if they have new cylinders and at a reasonable price.....

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