Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Imperial nuts!!!

Well, some days ago, I was removing some nuts and bolts from the pedal box assembly, and thought the bolt was a 11 size spanner. But looked to be small, so used a 12 size spanner, and it was big..... hummmm, there's something strange..... aha!! the bolts are in imperial size!!! so I had a huge problem, as all my tool box is from the normal size of the world ;-)

So I ended up making a quick search on ebay and found quite few spanner sets. Some where very expensive, and as I am on a budget, I got a Draper set (seller name: mccormick tools UK) and Silverline set (seller name:

Fortunately the sets where cheap at £16 the Drapper set and £3 for the silverline set. I am sure the quality is not the same as those £100 sets i've seen, but should be ok, I hope....

Now I can remove all the bolts without worrying about damaging the bolts heads.

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