Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Many posts ago, I said that the original chassis plate was in very poor condition, with all the original black ink missing, and was just a plain alu plate with the chassis number stamped on it.

So I thought it would be nice to fit a new plate. All of you know that I always try to re-use as much of the original equipment and restore it rather than using new modern repros. But in this case, restoring the plate was not possible, and a new one would look much better that the original one.

So after searching a place to buy, I found a UK company specialized on reproduction chassis plates, and all kind of period stickers. So I thought it would be great to take the opportunity and get some stickers for my car:
-positive earth: not sure of my car originally had this sticker, but nowadays is very important to have it so no one gets confused
-coopers filters: a nice finishing touch for my restored air filter casings
-heater info: also a good finishing touch
-Lucas battery: new batteries are so ugly…. I will remove all the stickers from the battery and fit the Lucas one which will look great

Post was received last week, but there was a mistake with some stickers, but the seller took immediate action and send me the correct ones, not having to send back the faulty one. Superb service!!!!
If any one is interested the company name is Classic Reproductions and it´s web site is Prices are also very correct, being the cheapest ones I could find after some search.

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