Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Interesting book just arrived

While I was walking around the Madrid Retromobile show last February, I found a copy of a spridget book I had never had the chance to check: Restoring Sprites and Midgets....

Within a few seconds I could realize this book was different to all books I have previously read, it had plenty of interesting diagrams and schematics that I had never seen, and the text was full of nice tips and history. All written with a great sense of humor.

But the book was expensive so decided to calm down and take a look on internet to see if I could find it with a better price. As it was a modern book, I was not in a hurry that I could loose the opportunity. Finally I could find on a new example from an online shop for a great price, and fortunately I had a friend in London to whom I could send it for a very little shipping cost (sending directly to Madrid would have been much more expensive). Yesterday he came to Madrid and have it to me (thanks Pedro!!!)

I think I can truly say this book is the best one I have so far. The original workshop manual is a must, why?' because it´s the official book, and although it will always refer to the official tool number XXXX, it´s mandatory to have it, specially if like me you can find an original vintage example. The Haynes are important to have, why?? no idea... maybe because it´s so common to have them... They are very similar to the original workshop manual, but with some details not covered on the original manual. Well worth, if you can find it cheap on ebay. Not worth to buy it new from the shop.

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