Thursday, 21 June 2012

Engine is running again!

Finally the Sprite is running again….. The engine cranks easily and has good oil pressure at idle (50 to 60). The mechanic told me he has already made a small run over the zone to run-in all the brakes as the rear ones tent to be too tight.

Little work is left to take the car to the MOT, mostly electrical issues:
-the horn
-left hand side warning light not working
-start up switch is not working and engine has to be cranked form the solenoid switch
-rpm counter not working... must be a broken cable or bad connection
-dash board light not working, again a bad connection or broken cable
-small fuel leak from the banjo or plastic connectors of the fuel pump. As I have received new ones, it should be straight forward

I have discovered something funny….. MK3 sprites, should have the head light  controlled by a dip switch mounted on the floor, at the left hand side of the clutch pedal. Previous owner, fitted a more modern direction indication switch with the main bean light action. I am wondering what I should do…. Leave it that way in the more modern way, or stick to originality and re use the floor dip witch for the main beam lights….. Please, leave your comments on the “comments box”. I have never operated a car with a floor installed switch and I have some respect for it…..

The engine runs very smoothly after sitting down for nearly  18 years and with out touching the carbureters or distributor. Only work done was to adjust rocker valves and fitting 4 new spark plugs (Champion NY-9). All the rest, is exactly as it was found. Quite amazing it runs so nice.
Once the car has passed the MOT and is home, I will make some work related to the engine:
-new  spark plug cables (old ones must have dozens of years and although working, it´s best to fit new ones)
-carbureters: I will fully strip them, clean them and fit a new rebuild kit. After they will need to be correctly balanced
-distributor: I will possibly send it to a specialist who will fully strip it and recalibrate (most important)
-charging box: I’ve read it’s so difficult to adjust that because mine is in such a terrible condition (although incredibly is working), I will just get a new one which are cheap enough
-Dynamo: strip it, clean it, verify bearings and bushes, and paint it
-after 100-200km, remove the new oil that should have clean all the inside and put some new fresh and clean oil specifically made for classics

With all this work, the engine should be in perfect condition all its elements revised so nothing should go wrong in a long time.


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