Saturday, 7 May 2011

First start and close inspection

Just before we made the final agreement on the price, I needed to be sure the engine was in running condition, so I needed to run it.

As the engine has been without running for more than 16 years, 3 days before I removed the spark plugs and added huge amounts of very thin oil. Also verified there was engine oil, and added coolant.

The day i made it run, I first connected an external battery (discovered the car is positive earth), removed the air filters and with a syringe, I added some fuel to the carburetors air inlets. Insert the key, turn it and the engine would fire nearly instantly.

So I poured 2 liters of fuel in the fuel tank and started the engine during about 2 minuted to hear the sound and find if something was wrong. Everything  seamed to be ok, no strange noises or vibrations. Stopped the engine because I didn't want it to be much time running with such an old oil.

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