Monday, 16 May 2011

Cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning...

There's nothing more uncomfortable than working in a dirty car, full of oil, mud and years of dry oil and debris.

So I first made an exterior clean up, to remove all the dust and contamination of 16 years in a garage with heavy traffic.


I then continued with an underside clean up. I used a kartcher pressure machine with a special 90ยบ angle tip, that makes cleaning very easy as pressure water can be directed in all directions. Plenty of mud and grease was removed. I made my best to clean wheel arches, rear axel, front suspension, etc. I then opened the bonnet and cleaned the engine and engine bay. Now the engine looks much better.

Finally, I cleaned interior, which was pretty well, with just a thin coat of dust.

A close up inspection removing the floor carpets revealed no corrosion on the floor pans and the car looks to be structurally sound.

The boot contained several surprises..... some original tools as the lead hammer, a tonneau cover with it´s tube sticks, etc....

Now it´s time to go, and wait until next weekend to continue...... see you soon!

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