Friday, 25 July 2014

Brake noise on the rear axel and MOT

Since last year, I haven’t done any work in the car. The car is very mechanically sound, so every weekend I use it with my family. Since I restore it some nearly 3 years ago, the car has only given me good moments, and not a single real problem has occurred. 

One month ago I started to hear a rubbing noise coming from the rear axel, some metal scratching against an other. I touched one the rear left brake drum and it was veeery hot, while the right one was cold, so it was obvious the was a brake problem.

After removing the wheel and brake drum, the problem was that one of the brake pads had not pad on one side, and the metal structure was rubbing the brake drum. Looks like the brake pad was not perfectly fitted, and had excessive wear on one side. 

I ordered at moss a new brake pad kit, and also all the springs. It was an opportunity to fit as many new parts as possible, so fitting new springs was mandatory. I also took the opportunity to fit new rubber covers for the emergency brake leavers. The brake pads actuators where removed, and the cone pins where cleaned and re greased, as one of them was rusty and would hardly move, making the brake pad adjustment difficult. 

Once all was fitted, no more noise.

Today, I have gone to pass the MOT and passed it with good mark! This is a nice photo with the MOT sticker  for next year, and the latest one it had in its previous life: 20 years from one to other. 

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