Monday, 17 June 2013

How to resize large images to upload

I have read that many people do have problems to resize or lower the size of big size photos to be able to upload them to the forums. Some forums only admits 2 megas or less per photos and most of the actual digital cameras will output larger images.

If you only have to reduce size for one image, you can use Paint, but when you have to reduce 10-20 images, then you have a problem.

I too had this problem and found a nice tool that has helped me ever since. It's the program called ArtResize, which is freeware and can be download from plenty of web sites. Just google ArtResize to find it.

This program not only enables you to reduce the size of a photo, but lets you select between many different preselected sizes and specially will let you work with bunches of photos at the same time. In 10 seconds you can automatically reduce the size of 30 photos for example.

A nice little program that really makes a great job.

Well woth!

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