Monday, 29 October 2012

Open / Close, open / close

Opening and closing the doors correctly may seam nothing special, but it is one of those things that really makes the difference between a nice and tidy classic car, and an old and uncared car.

The drivers doors was closing with great difficulty and normally several attempts where needed. Also the was a nasty noise coming from the latch when opening like something scratching.

So it was time to take a quick look at the latches to inspect them.

First inspection shows the latches to be very dirty.

Removing them was just as easy as unscrewing 3 bolts (use the correct screwdriver size or you will damage the screws). Once out, move the latch from left to right several times to disconnect the inside mechanism from the door.

All the inside was dirty and the grease if any was dry as the parts would move with great difficulty. To clean the mechanism I used some brake cleaner and a hard tooth brush. Also a small flat screw driver was used to remove the inside deposits where the tooth brush would not reach.

About 10 minutes was enough to clean each doors mechanism and proved to be very easy and rewarding. I used some lithium grease on all moving parts until all parts would move nice and freely.

The plate on the B pillar has a very important effect. Of course I also removed them and cleaned them which was easy as there are no inside parts. The plate can be adjusted on the b pillar via 3 nuts that move freely inside, and gives several mm of adjustment.

When adjusted up and down, it is possible to make the door latch to enter and lock without scratching the B pillar plate making a smooth and quiet close. Also, if adjusting the b pillar in and out, it is possible to make the door to have no play once it is closed.

It takes some patience and a few minutes to adjust correctly easy plate, but it is dead easy.

Now both doors close just nicely and any friend inspecting the car will have a great impression.

It's a great 1 hour simple weekend project that greatly improves the daily use of the car and give a great look and feel.

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