Monday, 8 October 2012

Making a custom boot trim carpet

I am not sure whether my car came originally  with a boot carpet kit, but the case is that actually the car has any.

I wanted to give it a better look and cover it with some trim so made some search for a nice pre-cut kit. The quotations I got plus shipping cost where not very appellant, so as many times I decided to make a “weekend project”.

To do so, I just needed to get some square meters of carpet and ended up at the huge hardware store Leroy Merlin where they had several very cheap carpets that should do the job for the moment. After 10 minutes looking at the various colours available I ended up with the classic dark grey carpet, so I ordered a 2 square meter cut (2mx1m).

I know…. that carpet is rubbish some would say, compared with those beautiful carpet kit sold, but those ones cost about 70 eur, compared to the 8 eur (4 eur square meter), and I still have plenty of other important things to spend my money on.

The difficult job was trimming the carpet. What I did was fitting in the boot a huge thin paper and trim it, then lay down the paper on the rear side (important!! not the front side!) and with a chalk, draw an oversized image which I cut with some big scissors.

I then fitted the carpet inside, and with a big cutter, and made the final cut. It was much of an art, and the final result depends on your general ability, but I have to say that my result was acceptable.  I Also fitted a part to the rear side of the boot.

Now I am just remaining to figure out how to fit the side parts as they are complex in shape, or I may end up leaving them exposed.

Lastly, I have some 1cm thick foam that I will use to fit under the carpet to make some cushion effect  and will use some good 3M double side tape to hold the carpet on its place.

One thing I would have appreciated would have been knowing someone with a kit that could have used to cut in paper all the patterns.

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