Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Back home and running again after nearly 20 years


Finally yesterday I went to the MOT station. All of the workers where excited to see the car there and all where willing to make the test and have the chance to drive it! All the checks where correct except for the CO2 level which was high, about 4.5, but within the legal limits.

As all the original papers for the car where lost, I had to ask to make new ones, which costs some 20 eur more and will delay for several weeks.

As the car was not legal to drive, I had to call for platform to get it at the workshop and take It to the MOT station and then back home. The platform used was a small company specialized in moving classic cars, and have very competitive prices. The company name is Kass Sport.

All the hard mechanical part could not have been made without the help of my great fellow friend Jose María from Autoal Service. He is a master mechanic having been aftersales responsable for several great brands as Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls, Bentley, Lotus, BMW, etc, so he is the perfect person to look after my cars. He is so delicate working on others cars, and so professional. Thanks José María!!!!

Now the car is home and pending to make some legal papers and ask for an insurance. Then I will be able to drive it….. From now, a lot of work is pending: seals, car paint, chrome restoration, possibly I will install modern retractable seat belts for easy daily use, and restore hundreds of parts.
So for the next year or so, I will have plenty of weekend projects to do!

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