Monday, 30 July 2012

Accelerator cable change

Over the fist km I have made, I noticed when accelerating, the pedal was sticky and therefore acceleration was very annoying, specially driving in a city.

The organ style pedal was not the reason as it was restores some time ago, and the hinge was cleaned and greased. So therefore the problem was the cable.

Reading the MG Experience forum, I found that some people instead of buying a porpoise made cable from the usual provider, they just used a normal brake bike cable.

So I ended up on my nearest bike shop and asked for a cable. The inner cable is sold as a unit of 1,5meter, and the outer case is sold my meter, so just got one. These bike cables have some kind of plastic inside which makes the braided cable to slide very smoothly.

I removed the original cable, and but the new one to the correct size, just about 8cm longer because I felt it was a little short and reuse the original end-point. As Haynes books would say, refit is the inverse process of removal.

It´s incredible to see the difference that makes a new cable on the riding. Now acceleration is smooth and much more progressive.

I noticed the original cable had inside a spring that was not coated, so the braided cable had a very rough contact surface.

Total cost of the cable: 2 eur

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