Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fuel tank finish and some chrome cleaning

Today I had some time to finish painting the fuel tank as last weekend I only had the time to paint one side.

The paint I am using, por15, is getting a little bit too dense, so I needed to add some solvent for thinning the paint. So I got from ACM RestauraciĆ³n a solvent bottle, specially formulated for all por15 products. I didn't want to use an universal solvent, just in case it had any issue with this special paint. I also got 2 sponge brushes, which I really wanted to try after reading they give the best result, nearly as a spray finish. ACM is the sole spanish por15 provider. Their prices are almost the same as other retailers in Europe, but with the bonus of no international shipping costs.

So first I have a light 400 grit sanding to the paint I gave last week, and gave the first coat to the other side and 2 hours later a second coat to all the fuel tank. Tomorrow it should be dry and will fit all the rubber parts, fuel sender with new gasket and install it into the car.

Just wanted to comment how happy I am with the sponge brushes. They are awesome, and give such a nice and very fine glossy finish. See the next video and you will understand:


Next I moved to my right side lamp. Some time in the past, the glass was broken, and someone with great ideas, instead of fitting a new glass, he fitted a hard plastic film, glued and painted to the chrome bezel


Just in case, I ordered from Moss a complete flasher unit, a reproduction unit made in these days. Quality is good, specially for the glass and the rear holder. But the new chrome bezel has a very poor fitting, and sides are very poorly finished and may cut your hand if you are not careful.


So I thought about re-using the original chrome bezel which looked to be in very poor condition.

But ........ after cleaning first with solvent to remove the old glue and silver paint, and some magic cotton used to clean silver and other metals, I ended with an almost new chrome bezel. It is incredible to see the quality of these old chrome parts, which is fantastic. Fitting is perfect, and finish is great. Of course the original rear bulb holder, I will keep it in my original bits box.

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