Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fuel tank assembly and some strip down

The fuel tank was finally ready with a gorgeous new looking paint coat. I could clearly see my face reflected in the paint. Using those sponge brushed was a great idea, and they are worth every cent.

I fitted all the rubber mounts, and the fuel neck foam. Also I sanded the gasket surface of the fuel sender and install it with a new gasket. I did not use any sealing paste, as usually the cork gasket should be enough for a good sealing, but I am worried that in the near future I have to take down the fuel tank and fit a new gasket the that colour sealing  paste.

The fuel neck originally was nor painted, it was just a metal tube with some king of zinc coating and finish, that was starting to have some light corrosion in some places. So I sanded all the tube and gave a coat of a standard zinc spray.

The fuel cap is the original, and the chrome is just in perfect condition. The key cap protector was very hard, so I just lubricated it.

Ahhh, Of course I cleaned the metal spade of the fuel tank sender, to ensure perfect contact. A dremel with the small wire wheel is the perfect handy tool for this jobs.

I removed boot tail lights that where in a very poor state. Some cracks on the plastic lights and dry glue and lot of dirt on the chrome parts. The boot had several used original Lucas and Unipart plastic lights, so I choose the best ones, to make new tail light assemblies, and cleaned with solvent the chrome parts and finally used some magic cotton. Fitted new gaskets as the original ones where dry and cracked. Finally the right light assembly could be restores to possibly  95% original condition, with the chrome parts nearly perfect. The left one could reach only 60% of originality, because the chrome has some pitting and marks I am not able to remove with the magic cotton. Anyway, I will need to polish all the plastic lights to restore the colour.

Original situation

Chrome full of glue

I also found on the boot a used original spare SU fuel pump. The one installed in the car is working, so I will leave it there for the moment and will not touch it, so I can concentrate on other important things, unless it suddenly fails. But I have strip down the spare pump as I was thinking in ordering a new rebuild kit. I opened the pump and removed every parts. Found some dirt on the fuel filter, and all the rubbers where completely dry and perished. Meanwhile, I will clean the metal body to remove rust and paint it, and clean the aluminum top with the sand blast. Then I will think when I order that rebuild kit, as I am trying to give priority to the most important parts and taks for time and economy reasons. Just wondering if when I order the rebuild kit, I just stay with the original contact system, or I should update to the newer electronic system. This car will be used not daily, but weekly all year round, so should not suffer from points corrosion found on cars that are stored all the winter. Money will tell me what to do......

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  1. Paco, que sepas que me conecto a ver los avances. Insisto en que eres un crack! Menudo trabajazo estás haciendo.
    Un abrazo,
    Jaime (Al que le has dejado sin Golf)