Wednesday, 21 November 2012

10.000 visits and increasing!

Hurray! the blog has achieved the great success of receiving more than 10.000 visits since it first started in mid 2011

I really hope you have enjoyed all my posts, full of details of the problems I find and how I solve them with my limited time, budget, space & knowledge. I really feel most of the classic car enthusiasts are like me and wont be able to make full restoration, but want to keep their car in the best situation as possible.

I will continue sharing all my progress and findings, hopping maybe one or two can find it useful and learn something new.



  1. Paco,
    Greetings from Portsmouth in the UK again. I have enjoyed your Blog very much but you have not posted anything for a long time. Please continue to keep us informed of how you are getting on.
    Un cordial saludo - Mark

  2. Hi Mark, true, I have been away for some time, and I have not done any new work on my Sprity car. Except for the last week, that I have completly refurbished the dynamo. Hope to update the blog this evening with all the info