Thursday, 1 March 2012

Found a very nice coolant tin can

Last weekend, I went to the Madrid Automobile classic car show which is normally held on late February.

I took some classic car books that I didn't want with the hope I could make some trade for books I could be interested in. I finally got some land rover and sprire restoration books.

I had a spare Haynes Triumph Stag manual that I also wanted to trade, but could not find any interesting book. Finally I found something nice: a metal tin can that could hold some 3-4 liters of coolant liquid,  that would be a great add for my sprite tool box.

The can looks to be in good condition with very few dents and it has the original cap. But bottom is rusty, and the rest is painted with an ugly silver paint.

I will clean it with my trusty sand blast machine.

But I am unsure about how should I finish the paint job, and was willing to ask you all for your opinion. Should I:
-give a mat clear laquer coat so the finish looks like it´s just bare metal?
-paint it with a specific colour? in this case, which one should I use?
-paint it with the same riviera blue colour of the car?

Please leave your opinion on the comments box!!!


  1. Paco,
    Greetings from Portsmouth in the UK. For your coolant can, may I suggest two tone blue, a darker blue contrasting with Riviera blue on alternate sides of the can?
    May I take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy your Blog as, one day, I hope to have a Midget and it is very interesting to read about your progress.
    Un cordial saludo - Mark

  2. Hi Mark, I was thinking in using the Riviera Blue colour all way round the can. This weekend I will have the time to clean it with the sand blasting machine, and will also think about just giving a coat of clear lacquer, which could also be very nice.

    It's great to hear that you enjoy reading my history. That's why I spend so much time in front the computer, because although my restoration if not a professional one, whish I could, I feel most of the people can afford to make something similar, and we all can share out experience and learn.