Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wheel cover sewing

The car is still at the workshop, as the mechanic has been ill and busy with other things.

I am expecting an order with some new parts that we need to rebuild the front suspension, so I need to wait until they arrive in 2 or 3 days.

Meanwhile, as I can't be without doing something, I thought I could make a wheel cover, just as I did for my last mini. A wheel cover is a convenient way to keep a wheel in the boot, nice, tidy and clean. Wheel covers can be bought, but as always for me, it´s more fun to do it my self.

I had some black vinyl from the last cover I made, so just had to buy a long 90cm metal zip for 2 eur.

I took me about 1 week of sewing every night  a little bit while watching tv. But finally, I ended with a very nice and strong cover. Still need to finish the centre section as it needs a hole to be attached by the wheel holder to the boot floor.

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