Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sponge brush supplier

Taking a look at Bricor, one of the big hobby warehouses in Spain, I found that they stock sponge brushes at a great price.

At 4.75 eur the pack of six brushes, looks like a great deal compared to other prices and sources. Only trouble is that at least 2 of the sizes, are very big, more than what I need, but I am thinking maybe I can cut it and make two out of one.

In a few weeks I will make some testing, and will report the quality of the sponge used. If it´s good, I will buy 4 or 5 pack, as they will be used only twice for the two coats. It´s not possible to clean them as the solvent will mostly destroy the sponge. I have already made in the past some testing cleaning them with solvent and finally convinced myself it´s best to use new ones, but needed to search for a very cheap source.

I am thinking contacting the manufacturer, and ask if it´s possible to buy in larger quantities, and if it´s possible to buy only one or two sizes, only the ones I need.

Manufacturers site is

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